To say that this kid is a one-stop shop is an understatement, he can do it all. Hailing from Memphis, Tn, Coldway holds a unique style flavored to his own melting pot. While singing, rapping, and producing  the majority of his own records, we get to experience the complete vision intended by this artist.  

From early on, Coldway had a passion for creating art sonically. This fire only intensified as he grew older, working with multiple greats such as Spike Lee, David Porter, Drumma Boy, and many others deep within the industry. Having a few roots planted in the BMX world, he has even contributed music to riding  videos for Pro-BMX rider Nigel Sylvester.  

With his 2013 release of his first official solo project "Too Much To Drink", the success landed him with 2 tour dates with Juicy J. Continuing in the spirit, Coldway has performed on stages with acts such as YG, Dizzy Wright, Currency, Wave Chapelle, Ishdarr, and many more.  

Established as a notable face on the Memphis music scene, Coldway continues to create a nostalgic feeling with his latest release "Gold Cupid". Stemming from a place of the realities of a relationship, the project received positive reactions fueled by singles such as "Rain" and "That's My Baby".  

Coldway's newest single "Strangers" has been the corner stone of his next chapter in music, gaining almost 300k streams in total. While keeping the "Too Much To Drink" project line alive, Coldway teases us with new music geared more towards his energetic southern rap flavor.  

Young or old, Coldway has music for the masses and looks to break down more barriers as his music continues to evolve.  


"Too Much To Drink" (2013)  

"Yooth Ep." (2015)  

"Gold Cupid" (2016)  

"Gold Cupid: Re-listen" (2017)  

"G.T.O." (2018)  

"Too Much To Drink: Vibe City" (TBD)